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300ml (10oz) Tamper Evident Containers with Chain of Custody Closure, 50/Case

  • 18250

This 300ml (10oz) air-tight, leakproof container features a Tamper-Evident Seal for trusted security when opening, and a one-way, irreversible poly-chain lock for Chain of Custody applications.  It secures the container once it is closed. Once the sample has reached its destination, it can be opened with a simple pair of scissors. 

Easy to manipulate Open/Close flip-top design.  Hinged lid stays out of way during use.  

With our 3-Seal Design and Touch-Top construction, they are ideal for a variety of uses, including sample collection and transport, storage and archiving of sensitive materials, samples or specimens. 

No more loose threaded screw caps or liners to deal with - just press down the 3-Seal Lid to securely close and seal, and secure with poly-chain for Chain of Custody.  

Packaged 50 per Case

Molded of 100% High-Density, Translucent Polypropylene

Internally sterile by manufacture

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